New Protocol and Hotline to Help Elder Abuse Victims

Wed, 18 Jun 2014

As elder abuse statistics climb to 1 in 20 older people in WA and set to increase with an ageing population, Advocare today launched the Elder Abuse Protocol: Guidelines for Action.

Staff from the aged care and healthcare sector attended the launch at the Australian Institute of Management in Floreat to learn how to respond to elder abuse using best practice.

The Hon. Tony Simpson MLA launched the protocols acknowledging the work Advocare does and described the resource as an important guide to assist government and non-government agencies.

Mr Simpson also pledged the Department for Local Government and Communities support to elder abuse by contributing funds to start an elder abuse hotline, the first of its kind in Western Australia.

œBy funding this new telephone service, we hope to reduce the number of instances of elder abuse, and offer advice and guidance to those feeling pressured or bullied.

Developed by Advocare, the protocols provide a guide to assist agencies with their duty of care when elder abuse is identified.

It contains information about elder abuse, including definitions, types, signs and risk factors of abuse and more specific information addressing the six step approach to responding to abuse.

Ms Samantha Luong, Head of Social Work at Joondalup Hospital, said that the protocols would help in the promotion older peoples rights and provided a helpful framework to respond to elder abuse.

œKnowing how to support a victim of abuse and what agencies we can refer to is very useful said Ms Luong.

The protocols will enable a quicker and more tailored approach for older people experiencing abuse, protecting older people and preventing further abuse from occurring.

CEO of Advocare Greg Mahney highlighted to attendees that by having a more coordinated response, it will decrease stress and pressure of continued abuse.

Elder Abuse Protocols

Elder Abuse Protocol - Guidelines for Action

Elder Abuse Protocol Flow Chart

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